Department of Forestry


    The Forestry major combines elements of ecology, biology, environmental science, public policy, economics and afforestation to address a variety of environmental and social issues - from combating global climate change and invasive species to providing forest products and wildlife habitats. Through education, research, and outreach we work towards protection and sustainable use of our environment and natural resources.

Our Mission

Within the scope of sustainable management and supervision of all products and functions related to forest, environment and other natural resources, the mission of our department is to incorporate local, national and international knowledge produced into education and practice, to train individuals who follow the codes of ethics and work for the public weal, to raise the awareness of the public, to enhance the contribution of resources to societal sustainability and to lead to these kinds of developments. The Forestry major focuses on providing hands-on skills for students who want to work in forestry, conservation, parks, urban forestry, natural resources bureaus, and the environment department. Finally, we are responsible for enhance the ecological, economic, and social; benefits of forests and related natural resources to evaluate the quality of life for our people.

Last Update At : 18 April 2017