About Faculty


About Faculty

Faculty at a glance:

This faculty started its activity as Ahar junior college of agriculture in 2006, offered only associate degree in Animal production technologies and Food technologies. In 2011, Ahar faculty of agriculture and natural resources gained its faculty status. Ahar faculty of agriculture and natural resources has been growing constantly and at present we are offering a BSc degree in Animal science, Food Science and Technology, Forestry and Medicinal plants as well as a three M.Sc. degrees in Animal & poultry nutrition, Animal breeding and genetics and Animal physiology.

Ahar faculty of agriculture and natural resources as a one of the affiliated off-campus faculties of the University of Tabriz, is located at the historical city of Ahar, the main city of the Arasbaran region.

Arasbaran with 78560 ha protected area is one of the nine Iranian biosphere reserves under the UNESCOs Man and Biosphere (M & B) program. This area is characterized by special climate features, a high biodiversity and the presence of rare fauna and flora. It is the only habitat of one of rarest birds in the world called Lyrusus mlakosieweczi. Brown bear, leopard, wild boar, Eurasian lynx, wild goat, roe deer, Caspian snow cock, snow cock and pheasant are among the most important wildlife species.

The faculty is well-equipped with research facilities and laboratories and made up of four departments:

Department of Animal Science
Department of Food Science and Technology
Department of Forestry
Department of Plant production engineering- Medicinal and aromatic plants

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